Jiangxi Normal University - Wenyan Hu

When walked into Auckland and saw the first sunshine of this land, I can deeply feel the tranquility and leisure of the home of long white cloud.

New Zealand has a charming natural scenery and its geographical environment is very different from that of in China. New Zealand has a lot of volcanic landscapes. Rotorua owns a smell of sulphur, and it is where Maori live. They take full advantage of the geothermal activity to steam food, without any ingredients, but bring them a salty taste.   Geothermal activity is more frequent in rainy days. In Maori Village, we have seen volcanic geysers. The water comes from boiling water in the deep underground and the highest water column is more than 60 meters.


The New Zealand people attach great importance to the protection of national culture. They prefer to send their children to this place to learn Maori culture, rather than studying in similar schools founded by the government. We also need to realize that the 56 nationalities in our country bring us precious culture resources. This trip to Maori Village not only made me experience the speciality of Maori culture, but also saw the uniqueness of our Chinese culture.


Australia is more modern. I had a feelings of the differences between Chinese and Australian families. Every member of a Chinese family is closely connected with each other. "Filial piety" connects the relationship between two generations, and "love and respect ones elderly brothers and sisters" builds the bond of the peers.   However, in Australian families, partner is the most important. The world of the husband and the wifes will not change greatly because of the children, and the couple would cherish each other.

The trip in Sydney was busy. I have recognized the political differences between the United States and Australia in the Governor's Office. Governor-General of Australia is the representative of the Australian monarch; while the political system of the United States is the republicanism and it is a federal country. The buildings of the Government House is a Gothic Revival style, and featured a castle-like tower.


In Melbourne, amazing graffiti arts are everywhere, which is quite different from Chinese painting; however, it seems like there are something in common. Street graffiti is ingeniously blended with local architecture, which are fancy and funny. The architecture of Melbourne is full of sense of art. I thought it over and personally speaking, those buildings use some of the interior decoration features, and I fixed eyes on those geometric shape, and the building-block-like appearance.


Fleeting was the 13-day tour to Australia and New Zealand. When I saw the outside world, I just know how charming and unique the Chinese culture is, and I also realize comprehensively our country's progress space. We met, we know each other and we left with the most unusual memories of my life. I am very grateful for teacher Guan and teacher Wu for taking care of us in those 13 days, and also I want to express my gratitude for the happy time that spent with those friends in these days.

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