Shirley Gui, Capital Normal University

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Shirley Gui, Capital Normal University

International Organization: SEAMEO QITEP in Language

This internship with an international organization is the first time that Shirley Gui has independently completed the teaching work of Chinese-related courses. It is a super valuable internship experience for her. Shirley Gui not only conveyed her insights on her own country's culture to everyone, but also realized her enthusiasm for teaching work.

"In class, I would organize course participants to share and discuss topics, and comment on the speeches of the participants. When necessary, I would also help them correct improper language and points that need improvement to help them better convey meanings. In addition, I would also make classroom records at the same time to rate the language use of each member.

During the whole internship process, I showed them Chinese culture and shared my own experience of foreign language learning; and they also shared a lot of cultural background knowledge about each of them with me in Chinese, and taught me about many different cultures. I had also been friends with many course participants and exchanged contact information with them, hoping to continue to learn from each other and make progress together in the future.
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