Lydia Han, Yanbian University

Participating and speaking as an intern representative at the online meeting of the First Youth Delegate Conference of UNESCO.


Lydia Han, Yanbian University

International Organization: Institute of Afro-European Cultures in ParisICAEP

During her internship at ICAEP, Lydia Han was actively involved and diligent in her studies. While improving herself, she also contributed to ICAEP and received high praise from the international organization. For this reason, ICAEP decided to have her participate as an intern representative in the online meeting of the First Youth Delegate Conference of UNESCO.


“I was honored to participate in the First Youth Delegate Conference of UNESCO 75th Anniversary - Beyond Celebrations: A Call for Youth Engagement organized by NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee as a student representative of ICAEP, the international organization where I am interning. After hearing the opinions of so many outstanding young people at the conference, it was very beneficial and rewarding, and I was inspired to participate in the discussion and to give my own opinion: I think that young people have a lot to contribute and that each organization should create a youth department according to their abilities or create a joint project with other organizations so that the abilities of each young person can be put to good use.”
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