Yanbian University - Yixuan Qu

I am a student from Yanbian University Agricultural College, from my professional point of view, the biggest feeling of this research program is greening.


There is endless green space in both New Zealand and Australia, even in the bustling and crowded city like Sydney and Melbourne. Deep impression of Australia and New Zealand is:

First, high rate of the country's land greening coverage.

Particularly, in New Zealand, there is basically no bare land in the country. The hillsides and hills are full of dense primeval forests or natural secondary forests, and some artificial forests occasionally. Between mountains and hills, more plain gentle slopes stand vast meadows. The ecological environment can be rated as the first class.

Second, high level of the urban greening level. The urban green coverage rate of cities we have arrived through this research program is generally above 50%, where small parks and small green spaces can be seen everywhere. On both sides of the streets, around buildings, in public and private residential areas, there are trees, lawns and flowers, and everywhere covered by green. The whole city seems like a big garden.



There are two things I think we should learn from them :

1. Focus on urban master planning, and guarantee green space occupies an important position in urban planning

2. Focus on investment, and ensure urban greening has certain funds

Although the greening in our country is currently cannot reach that level, our country has now attached great importance to the construction of ecological civilization, and we hope that our country in the future will have this kind of endless green.

Through this social survey, I have learned a lot. I saw many scenery that I could   used to watch only on TV sets. I dare to communicate with foreigners who I don’t know in English; besides, I had the chance to feel foreign culture, experience their lives, and realize what I should to improve in the future. I appreciate all teachers and friends who accompanied me; moreover, I hope that my English will make big progress in the future, and come here again.

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