Shanxi Agricultural University - Hui Yan

My trip to Australia and New Zealand was nearing completion as I finished the 11-hour flight and set foot on the land of China again.

Life in Australia and New Zealand gave me a fresh experience.

Shopping at a convenience store requires extra fees, and there are no breakfast, not to mention the free hot breakfast service. People there have a lot of leisure time, but their only entertainment is just go to a bar. However, thats why they have developed many hobbies, and they have been able to engage in a variety of volunteer activities, so that everyone can participate in the construction of society, giving everyone a sense of participation, which will increase everyone's sense of responsibility.

The welfare system here is also enviable. The purpose of the local nursing home is to give the elderly a home, not the old people's helpless destination.


The education here is also different from that of China. In the compulsory education stage, the students' education comes from various public places, different museums, art galleries, and old buildings have become part of the education. After compulsory education, some students will choose not to go colleges or universities, but entrance various vocational education colleges.   They will not face too much discrimination when they enter into society.

Mobile payment is uncommon in daily life. Credit card and cash are the most supported means of payment. Besides, white shoes stain easily not because of lazy, maybe because the environment is not good.


In China, complete infrastructure provides us convenient life. As long as you can contact network, you can do nearly everything that people can go out with only ID card and a mobile phone and then there is no need to worry too much. This trip made me realized that all the conveniences I have require a lot of effort from the state and others. I need to learn to appreciate, not take it for granted.

This trip was only 15 days long, but it was quite touched me. Australia and New Zealand have opened up different vision for me, and I hope to have more opportunities to participate in such events in the future.
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