World First-Class Discipline Construction,
Outstanding Talents Training Plan
Internship Program for
International Organizations
Sociological Research of Australia & New Zealand Program
Homestay Cultural Experience and Enrichment Program

GCA Academic Exchange Department is mainly responsible for the comprehensive management of the Group's international academic exchange programs. It is led by the CEO's Office, and on the basis of directors and supervisors of current departments, legal consultants and academic discipline consultants from both home and abroad. Besides, we set one semester (six months) as the periodic unit, centering on the fields of Engineering, Medicine, Agronomy, Economic management and Art, and phased to implement the short-term world-leading academic research programs, and mid-term academic trainings/ exchange programs of international high-end academic research institutes.

International cooperation agency
China cooperation university
GCA is dedicated to creating a new operation and management mode for international culture and exchange program.
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